Bring your brand to life with a video wall.

10 June 2024

Marketing professionals are continually looking for that standout moment. The moment everyone stops to take notice of your brand. The moment you cut through all the noise to make a lasting impression.

Nothing does that better than video wall displays. Whether on an exhibition stand, or a large corporate reception area, video walls have that wow factor; the moment when time stands still, eyeballs open, jaws drop, and everyone stops to admire the view.

Talk about a captive audience. Video walls offer the chance to make a powerful statement, reflecting well on your business and delivering your message in a memorable way. LED video walls have been around a while, emanating from the outdoor (out-of-home) market, capturing the attention of the public in a way static print finds hard to achieve.

Video walls are now commonly seen in shopping malls, sports arenas, theatres, leisure centres and the world of business. The great thing about them is they offer a flexible digital canvas to make maximum impact and are relatively easy to update the creative to your latest campaign.

Corporate reception areas

First impressions count, so they say, and walking into a reception area for the first time with an impressive video wall on display says a lot about how you are perceived as a business. Large stationary graphics or a tiny video screen, tucked behind reception, no longer have the impact they once had when compared to video walls.

Creative video commands attention and creates an impression of your brand and business that sets the tone for building trust and confidence among your clients.

Video walls project size and scale, company ambition, professional expertise, and product solutions in an often breathtaking, awe-inspiring way. These high-tech digital branding platforms with razor sharp colour, brightness, and perfect pixel definition, leave a lasting impression on clients.

Unlike exhibitions where exhibitors compete for attention with highly creative walls, corporate reception areas have no such competing media to distract attention. The floor is yours, or at least the walls are!

Transforming a reception area with a video wall is easier than you might think. Commissioning a specialist audio visual company like AVC to take care of the transformation is the first step to realising your vision. Here are some brief thoughts on what you need to consider:

  1. The location and how best to utilise space. Think about the viewing distance between the audience and the screen.
  2. Consider the dwell time for the message you want to get across in relation to the length of time visitors will spend in your reception area.
  3. For the installation of the video wall can it be set back into a false wall, or should it be installed within a bespoke frame with access for installation?
  4. The size of screen – video walls come in a variety of sizes and your AV equipment supplier will be able to assess what works best for you following a site visit.
  5. Lighting will play a part in creating the right ambience and atmosphere.
  6. Buy or lease. Is the video wall permanent or a short-term feature for an event, campaign, or a facility visit to impress high profile dignitaries?
  7. In terms of long-term use, think about content storage on a CMS (Cloud Management System) and how your AV partner can manage this process for you.

These are just a few questions to consider. Once you have made the decision to have a video wall as a central feature of your reception area, thoughts turn to the creative and what you are going to show your visitors that will remain with them and make that first impression a positive one.

AVC not only supplies top quality AV equipment and installation expertise but also, through its visual creative services, produces powerful and engaging video productions from concept ideas and storyboards to filming and production, making it the perfect partner to deliver video walls that professionally and powerfully project your brand.

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