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What are the benefits of AVC Immedia’s live brand-led music channels?

Customer experience

Create an engaging customer experience with the brand and its specific target audience through the music they love.

Brand Loyalty

Drive brand loyalty by creating emotional connections & positive associations in the minds of your target customers using a bespoke & tailored on-brand music channel.

Omnichannel Solution

Increase dwell times on your digital platforms by integrating your in-store music channels into your app and website, creating an omnichannel marketing strategy.

Staff Performance

According to CBS News, research shows that employees who listen to quality music at work perform better (88%) and are happier (61%) than those who don’t.

Beyond brand-led music

In-store music and audio is part of your brand’s sensory engagement with its audience. It is more than just background music, it offers many benefits and is an integral part of the in-store experience and one of the most effective ways for businesses to engage, entertain and excite their customers.

AVC Immedia are the sector leaders in brand-led audio content for business. We offer a full range of branded music and audio content services to suit businesses, whatever their audience or budget. AVC Immedia can curate music-only live stream services unique to your brand. You can also choose to add branded and targeted promotional messages across your channels – both in-store and integrated into your shopping app to increase engagement and sales.

All our music will be selected specifically for your business and will always be:

  • Brand and audience-appropriate
  • Varied – we offer millions of tracks
  • Updated frequently with new tunes and artists to ensure an engaging, fresh sound.

AVC Immedia will spend time getting to know your brand and its audience inside and out to create a bespoke music channel specific to the audience. We respond quickly to changes in your requirements and the needs of your audience so your customers always get the best in-store experience. Unlike other background music providers, our channels are streamed live. This means we have the ability to change the tunes and messages immediately should you require us to. We will never just send you a CD

"According to CBS News, research shows that employees who listen to quality music at work perform better (88%) and are happier (61%) than those who don’t."

"Music plays a significant role in our retail customer strategy."


"Immedia have customer service and satisfaction at the heart of everything they do."


"Working officially until 12pm today but decided as the tunes are so good on Nationwide Live I will stay logged on and will keep the Bluetooth speaker cranked up to loud until 3pm"

Nationwide Building Society Employee - Emma

How can AVC Immedia’s brand-led music be tailored?

Music and messages can be unified across your brand or localised (for example, if you want to run a promotion only across specific branches). We react quickly to trends, meaning your music never hits a dud note with your audience. If you want to celebrate a brand anniversary or event, we can work with you to create appropriate content, such as one-off live streams from annual awards events or an interview with your CEO.

Business is global, and AVC Immedia’s live music channels let you communicate brand messages in different locations, which may have varied customer demographics. Businesses can stream one channel across unlimited locations, or have channels in different languages or vary the content by location for a different consumer demographic whilst keeping on-brand. Discover the multi-language audio experience for Subway branches across Europe.

Why do I need brand-led music for my business?

In the age of e-commerce, businesses need to ensure their in-store customer experience offers something extra special. Letting your staff stream their own music can seem like a good idea, but you relinquish control over a key sensory aspect of your brand. We’ve seen instances of explicit versions of songs being blasted out, and businesses getting caught out for using illegal unlicensed streaming. A live music channel exclusive to your brand can create a direct emotional connection with customers and still offer staff a varied and quality listening experience. Because our service is live-streamed, we can tailor your sound to the time of day, making sure your instore audio always hits the right notes.

AVC Immedia is multi-award winning and manages some of the largest brand audio channels in the UK. Some of our channels have more listeners than national radio stations such as Virgin Radio, Radio X and BBC Radio 1 Xtra. The demand for brands to offer the same live music channel across both their physical and digital locations is increasing. Your Immedia music stream can be set up to play in your app or on your website, increasing dwell times and driving sales. Find out more about how integrating JDX music into their app helped JD Sports transform their digital customer experience.

AVC Immedia has transformed the audio experience for major international brands:

We’d love to turn up the volume on your brand

Audio Branding & Promotions

Increase sales up to 24% with branded audio promotions

Presenter-Led Audio

Nothing makes a connection like a human voice. Talk to your customers and staff directly with presenter-led audio.

Radio Vision

The ultimate omnichannel in-store communication tool. Combines your in-store audio with powerful visuals on digital signage to create a message that doubles the impact.


AVC Immedia offers a full end-to-end experienced and professional podcast creation, publishing, app integration service to get you up and running or you can hire out our studios and equipment to produce your own.