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It’s amazing the power music has to transport you to a specific place in time.  Just the opening few notes of a certain song can take you right back to being thirteen, sat in your bedroom, flicking through the latest copy of Smash Hits or pressing your ear against the radio on a Sunday night waiting for your latest favourite on the Top 40!

Here are the AVC Immedia Teams favourite music memories from their school days!

Euan McMorrow – Content Director

Wham! I can’t get away from it. I went to school in an era of some brilliant and credible music like The Jesus and Mary Chain, Prince, Bruce Springsteen and The Housemartins, but if you ask me which music reminds me of school days it’s Wham! Especially their early releases which dealt with unemployment, fighting with parents and relationships – all the things going through my mind at the time. They still sound great today and I still know all the worlds to Young Guns (Go For It) which I can prove after a couple of glasses of wine.

Rob Hancock – Animation Lead

The Jam – That’s Entertainment, Small Faces- Itchycoo Park, The Who – My Generation, The Kinks: Waterloo Sunset !

Yes I did have an original fishtail Parka!!  Cost me £18.00 wished I still had it be worth a few hundred now!

John Trevorrow – Finance Director

I was into Ultravox and New Wave music at that time (and sadly still am now!) I will deny any pictures of me with a Wedge!

I can remember posters of The Osmonds and Bay City Rollers being on my sisters’ walls. My eldest sister had the whole white and tartan Bay City Rollers outfit!

Sophie Gellender - Marketing Executive

I think for me, it’s some 90’s stuff and some 00’s stuff that really takes me back to my school years. I had cheesy posters of the likes of S Club 7 & Busted (and might have known pretty much all the lyrics to Crashed the Wedding as I regularly played my CD full blast in my room, my poor parents!). I admit to crying back when Busted had umm…busted! Then my taste changed slightly and I went towards Fall Out Boy and Muse (I made sure to buy every album and had multiple posters, plus Matt Bellamy – what a voice and guitarist!) as I got older (secondary school) plus the slightly alternative, Hadouken!

Underneath other genres taking my fancy, all I’ve always loved dance tracks though, even if it includes the cheesy but classic likes of Blue by Eiffel 65 and Dragostea Din Tei by O Zone!

I later relived my childhood dream, as Busted got back together when I was studying at University so I attended an album signing at HMV in Southampton and later attended a gig too. Bucket List – check – I finally saw them live!

Ross Penney – CEO

I remember watching Queen in amazement – Freddie Mercury was wearing black nail polish!  In the bleak ‘70s in Belfast this was a revelation.  So many great TOTP moments, Mott the Hoople, David Bowie, ELO, Roxy Music, Undertones, Kate Bush, Rush (! yes they were on TOTP!), Thin Lizzy, many more.

There was a rock show on my local station Downtown Radio that I loved too.  I think it was on that I first heard Van Halen; as I was just starting out on guitar I genuinely nearly fell off my seat, I had never heard anything like Eddie Van Halen’s playing.  He is still one of my favourite players.

Roger Clarke – Presenter

My earliest childhood memories of music included The Greatest Hits of ABBA on double vinyl. Think my parents still own all the old 45s and record player, collecting dust in the attic.

While out and about in the car, I would listen to Belinda Carlisle, Rick Astley and Bananarama on my Walkman, with 1987 being a big year for alot of the ‘vintage’ Stock, Aitken and Waterman productions…Yes! A well dodgy taste in music.

Helen Warner – Client and Content Manager

The early 90s, the start of secondary school and the soundtrack was grunge!  The boys had long hair, the girls had crushes on Kurt Kobain and everyone wore Doc Martin boots and Nirvana T shirts like a uniform.  Any time I hear Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun, Pearl Jam – Alive or Nirvana – Lithium, I’m taken right back to the playground!