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We don’t want to say it too loud, but summer is over. Here, our music experts pick their best new tracks over the past three months.

Arctic Monkeys – There’d Better Be A Mirror Ball

The most grown-up record from the Sheffield lads to date.  It’s goodbye to brash guitars and lethargic snarls – The Arctic Monkeys usher in a new era of the Arctic Monkeys and it’s filled with silky strings, laid-back jazz beats and some truly beautiful old-school crooning by Mr Turner.  Now I must go and listen to the rest of the album – if you need me, I’ll be lying on a chaise longue, wearing a smoking jacket and sipping on a brandy.

Aitch and Ed Sheeran – My G

I don’t want to go overboard, but the first time I heard this it reminded me of the first time I heard Stan by Eminem. It’s that shock of hearing someone best known for angry and edgy raps suddenly drop down a gear and talking from the heart. The Ed Sheeran parts are standard Ed Sheeran (and standard Ed is pretty damn good) but it’s hearing Aitch being open, honest and emotional that makes this track for me.

Harry Styles – Late Night Talking

Get me to Wembley, I’m officially a convert!  As yet another Harry Styles track has made it into my top 5 (I’m surprising even myself!)  Light, breezy, catchy pop, but with substance, seems to be becoming his trademark style. He was recently called the King of Pop – too soon?  Maybe.  But he does seem to be able to churn out decent pop fodder at a remarkably reliable rate!

David Guetta and Bebe Rexha – I’m Good

We wrote in July about the new wave of music which is taking inspiration from past dance hits, twisting them around and making them big in 2022. This is a classic of the genre. It has Eiffel 65’s 1998 cheesy smash Blue at its heart, but with all new lyrics and a more anthemic feel. It shouldn’t work, it could have been one of the worst “cover versions” ever. Instead, it’s taken off around the world and looks set to be one of the year’s biggest earworms.

Sam Ryder – Somebody

I’m not sure if any viewers managed not to crack a smile at Sam Ryder’s performance at the Eurovision Song Contest. His latest single is as infectious as his grin – with more than a touch of gospel running through this upbeat number, he once again proves he is pure sunshine for the soul!

Bugzy Malone x Mist – Energy

I’m sure I could write some insightful words about this track, but it’s just an infectious blend of clever lyrics mashed with a fresh hook. A word of warning, the lyrics and the video aren’t for the faint hearted (those shorts!)

Elton John & Britney Spears – Hold Me Closer

For this recipe you will need one massive hit from the back catalogue of a national treasure, the vocals from a bona fide pop princess and a banging disco beat!   The formula proved a catchy success last year when Elton John joined forces with Dua Lipa for ‘Cold Heart’ so he’s back for round two – this time with Britney Spears and a reworking of Tiny Dancer.  I have no idea how this works, but it does – and really well!  Welcome back Britney!

Rosa Linn – Snap

What happened with Eurovision this year? There was a feel-good winner that everyone could be happy with and the UK put in a decent entry AND came a credible second. Now, Armenia’s entry, which finished 5th from last, is a huge summer tune all over Europe? Snap is a half-pop, half-folk song that has been quietly growing in popularity since the contest in May. Will normal Eurovision service be resumed next year?

Gorillaz feat. Tame Impala & Bootie Brown – New Gold

The collaboration cartoon kings are back and better than ever – in a large part thanks to Tame Impala (who are having a fantastic year after ‘Turn Up The Sunshine’ their huge hit with Diana Ross from the latest Minions movie.)  Irresistible beats with the smoothest of vocals – this is like funky 70s soul reimagined for 2022 and I cannot get enough of it!