AVC Immedia Kicks off Content Partnership with The Denis Law Legacy Trust

Aberdeen Media firm AVC Immedia have announced a new partnership with the community based Denis Law Legacy Trust.  The new partnership will see AVC produce and stream live video content at a variety of events to support the growth of the Trust’s ‘free to access’ doorstep programmes and activities focused around community engagement and widening participation in Sport.


The trust currently operates four main programmes: Street Sport, Community Football Festivals, Cruyff Court and Kick Start.


Spencer Buchan, Managing Director of AVC Immedia commented:


“AVC has been a part of Aberdeen’s history as long as Denis Law himself and at the heart of that journey has always been the support of local initiatives that benefit the community in which we live and work.  Sport and Football in particular is a big part of our daily working lives at AVC and producing content for our clients such as FIFA at this summers World Cup tournament in Russia made us think that perhaps we can replicate that in producing content for the legacy Trust and get the message out there to a wide social network on video in this digital age.”

“We are delighted to support the trust and look forward to jointly creating great content that will showcase the benefits of getting involved in Streetsport, we want to help the Legacy Trust attract new participants from all social backgrounds to get involved in Sport.  Video, social media and viral content is everything to young people and accessing live streams from the Legacy Trust Events is just one way we aim to help grow their fantastic initiatives.”


Graham Thom, Chairman of Denis Law Legacy Trust, commented:


“We are delighted that AVC Immedia have offered to make a significant contribution to the Trust and our various Streetsport Projects and Programmes by providing state of the art video, digital and event filming support.

Kids nowadays live on social media platforms and if the Streetsport Project is to remain effective, we must engage in all forms of communication to support our objectives. AVC Immedia have also kindly offered to open up their business to allow older children, with an interest in the media, to get a Positive Experience in what may be a future career opportunity.  This is another exciting Partnership which can only benefit significantly the children that need the support of the Denis Law Legacy Trust.  Huge thanks to AVC Immedia.”


Keep your eyes out for exciting content to follow, for more information visit  www.denislawlegacytrust.org