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The Exciting New Sony PXW-FX9 Has Landed!

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Recently AVC Immedia decided to upgrade their filming equipment. A part of this investment was the purchase of a brand-new Sony PXW-FX9 camera. The FX9 camera is aimed for those who are after the highest quality camera but with a rugged and robust build quality that can be used in many run and gun situations. The camera is also aimed at those who want to transition upwards from the PXW-FS7 predecessor; its core physical design has not changed dramatically meaning anyone heavily invested in third party components such as rigs, batteries and memory cards can smoothly transition over to this newer model. 

 We spoke to our creative director, Richard Baron, to get his views on the camera after recently transitioning over to it from the Sony PXW-FS7. Richard explained to us about the main new features of this camera, which he said are “the new full frame sensor, the variable ND and the super-fast auto focus system.  These 3 features over the PXW-FS7 make a big difference in the quality of the images captured and open up a new creative ability that the previous camera didn’t have. Although older cameras have had auto focus in the past, they never really matched accuracy over manual focusing. The face detection technology that has been adopted from the Sony mirrorless camera line really helps when you need to quickly focus on your subject fast and is especially more useful when it comes to a person’s face. This mapped to customised buttons really helps catch the shots in focus much faster than beforeAuto focus is great for gimbal work also, especially when your subject is walking and taking. The variable ND which was introduced with the PXW-FS5 cameras helps you expose seamlessly which can be great when you want to shoot wide open. It’s a great little feature and one that I had plenty experience with my own PXW-FS5.   

Richard went on to further explain to us about how the camera handles and its overall performance whilst he was using it “The camera handles pretty much the same in terms of ergonomic and designOne small but big improvement is the speed the camera turns on and be ready to record, essential when things happen fast. Pressing record should always feel instant, often I found the FS7 sluggish on this. One negative point is that I do wish they could have made the camera more balanced overall, but I guess that is where third-party rigs would help. After using the camera for a couple of weeks, I have found that it eats through battery power far quicker than our previous Sony PXW-FS7 would. We use a couple of Hawk-Woods BP-60U batteries and find that the battery time that is displayed on the camera isn’t the time they seem to last.  In fact, I have recently noticed the camera can give a false reading of 10 minutes battery remaining and when it hits that point, it will actually stop recording and will just go on standby mode until you swap to a fully charged battery. This issue isn’t ideal when you need those 10 minutes to record & capture THAT perfect moment! Something you should always take note of is your limit with any camera. 

Reflecting back on Richard’s use of the camera so far, and when asked if he would recommend the camera from his experience he explained “We were due for this upgrade since we only had one main camera (the Sony PXW-FS7) and when looking around for our next camera, the Sony PXW-FX9 was an obvious upgrade that would sit nicely into our workflow as it would still be able to use all the existing lenses and attachments, we had already invested in. Overall, the camera has been an easy transition from the Sony PXW-FS7 – with all the little extras that help give us the best image possible. Having a highly reliable camera that you can trust and use during a shoot is a huge MUST and having used our Sony PXW-FS7 on many different jobs, including in some extreme weather conditions, you can only expect the Sony PXW-FX9 to be just as solid & reliable a camera.

Overall, our creative director would recommend the model and continues to film incredible content for our clients with it. Here are his final pros and cons of the camera:  


  • Great quality pictures 
  • Accurate and fast auto focus 
  • Great low light performance with the new Full-frame sensor. 
  • Easy choice for existing Sony PXW-FS7 camera users to progress on to. 


  • Expensive 
  • Could have been better balanced no design improvements. 
  • the view finder is an afterthought and falls off easily.  
  • Battery life is shorter and has issues with estimated time remaining. 

AVC Immedia launches new app service for employee communications

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AVC Immedia is pleased to announce that today (19th November 2020) their new employee communications app service, named Connected, has been launched.

Connected enables business’s to unite their staff on a communication platform through many available features such as unlimited groups, live streaming & events.  The app release comes at an essential time for many employers as due to the coronavirus pandemic, 2020 has seen a large number of business’s shift to remote working.

This new remote working setup creates a set of new challenges for employers, such as keeping employees engaged, focused and motivated. With staff being away from the company of their colleagues, there’s also a risk that they could feel out of the loop and disconnected.

The customisable, branded app will ensure employers can connect, engage, and notify your employees anywhere, anytime, making it ideal as a remote working solution.

Some of the many exciting features within the app include:

  • Priority updates to employees using push notifications
  • Customisable interactive discussion feeds with images, videos & GIFs
  • Users have the ability to tag each other, further increasing employee engagement
  • Segment your users, by categories such as department, location, or seniority and allow the right content to reach the right teams
  • The ability to highlight key contributors on the platform – can be used to praise and reward
  • Identify individuals who have disengaged, enabling you to check-in with them and make sure they are okay
  • Distribute new learning and training materials to continue your employees’ professional development
  • Use private chat for one to one and group messaging

Connected will be available for companies to download on iOS & Android platforms and unlike on regular social media platforms, there’s also the added benefit that the Connected app ensures you and your employees own all data.

Some of the many exciting features within the app include:

  • Priority updates to employees using push notifications
  • Customisable interactive discussion feeds with images, videos & GIFs
  • Users have the ability to tag each other, further increasing employee engagement
  • Segment your users, by categories such as department, location, or seniority and allow the right content to reach the right teams
  • The ability to highlight key contributors on the platform – can be used to praise and reward
  • Identify individuals who have disengaged, enabling you to check-in with them and make sure they are okay
  • Distribute new learning and training materials to continue your employees’ professional development
  • Use private chat for one to one and group messaging

Connected will be available for companies to download on iOS & Android platforms and unlike on regular social media platforms, there’s also the added benefit that the Connected app ensures you and your employees own all data.

To discover more about this exciting new offering from AVC Immedia – click here!

Welcome Aboard!

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Welcome Aboard!

AVC Immedia would like to welcome our new Management AccountantIzabella Lichomska. 

Izzy commented that it is a  “very exciting time to join the company” and that she is “very happy to be a part of such a great team of people. 

Izzy originally studied accountancy in Poland, from an early age becoming a maths teacher or accountant was her dream. Once Izzy moved to the UK, she decided to pursue her dream and work within the finance industry – she is now AAT qualified and working towards her CIMA qualification as well.  

The first role within finance that she had was at a car dealership in Newbury. Izzy eventually left the dealership to work at a global software company, as their assistant management accountant, and eventually progressed to the role of revenue accountant where she looked after the business’ UK revenue. Whilst there, Izzy said she enjoyed the challenge but eventually decided she wanted a new challenge in a smaller team, like AVC Immedia’s. 

When asked about why she wanted to join AVC Immedia, Izzy told us “The atmosphere in the AVC Immedia team is good, I was overwhelmed how the company is like a family. I’m also excited at such a great opportunity to join the company during a period of growth. I am looking forwards to help the company meet financial targets, and contribute my knowledge and dedication to support the business in achieving undoubted potential”  

Outside of work, Izzy relaxes by watching Netflix and spending time with her daughter, and when possible (i.e. No COVID restrictions) and she has more time, she likes to travel around the UK to explore it further. 

We want to wish Izzy the best of luck in her new role and we are excited to see what the future holds. 

Another Talented Addition To The Aberdeen Team

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Another Talented Addition at AVC Immedia

AVC Immedia added a fantastic new member to their Aberdeen team with Darren Matchett joining as Senior AV Technician. After previously working for AVC Immedia as an independent contractor, Darren decided to join the team full time as he enjoyed the daily challenges and sizeable projects that AVC Immedia were involved in. Darren went on to explain “I’m excited about the opportunity to work With AVC Immedia. I look forward to working with their current clients and helping build relationships with potential new clients and all the AV projects they require.”

When Darren was asked about why he joined AVC Immedia, he explained: ” I like working for AVC Immedia because as it’s an ever-expanding & diverse company that has a wide range of clients. Clients can range from major companies such as Subway, Nationwide & Shell to local schools, hairdressers and food production companies.”

Darren got involved in the AV sector by becoming an apprentice aerial and satellite engineer for a large local domestic retailer. After completing his apprenticeship he moved into domestic installations of AV equipment & cinema rooms and then progressed into Commercial Installations from there onwards.

We asked Darren for any tips he could give someone who would like to follow his footsteps and also work in the wonderful world of AV, he said that “You’ve got to love technology and keeping up with its ever-changing advancements. You also need to love problem solving and working with people to best fulfil their AV needs.” He also mentioned that “I’ve always found shortage in good AV technicians in the industry, so there are opportunities out there for young people who are keen to learn about AV and to get involved with companies, such as AVC Immedia. We do some exciting and cool projects!”

Darren makes for a great addition to our team and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and ideas. We are very happy to have him onboard, all the best Darren!

Continuous Growth at AVC Immedia

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AVC Immedia is pleased to announce that Euan McMorrow’s title has been changed to  Content Director.  

Euan says “It’s a cliché, but I feel very privileged. Content is at the heart of what we do at AVC Immedia so being asked to lead the team and direction of our output is a big responsibility. 2020 has been a challenging year on so many levels but showed us just how important the right content is. In the space of a week our client’s needs completely changed, at the same time we were working under conditions that we’d never had to before. With some agile thinking and quick innovation, we were able to deliver what was needed and, in the process, created some of the best work we’ve ever produced at AVC Immedia.” 

Euan joined us back in November 2014, initially to work on a two new channel projects, and has been a part of the team ever since. After getting those projects off the ground it became obvious that there were so many other content areas where Euan could add value and bring his experience to.  

 Looking back on joining the team, Euan said “I was lucky to be given the space to look at the big picture. What we do can be remarkably complex and technical, but my job is often to look at things from the outside and work out the most effective ways to delight the audiences. We have a real ethos at AVC Immedia of putting the audience first and I’ve loved driving that part of what we do.” 

"It’s a cliché, but I feel very privileged. Content is at the heart of what we do at AVC Immedia so being asked to lead the team and direction of our output is a big responsibility"

"There are no egos involved; the best ideas win rather than the loudest voice. We then have a team that can turn those ideas into a first-class reality."

The passion for the audio industry goes back a long way for Euan. As a kid, he wanted to present the breakfast show on the radio in Glasgow. On his journey, he discovered he wasn’t ever going to be a great DJ but had a knack for producing and coaching the on-air talent. Euan started working in audio at Radio Clyde in Glasgow before moving to England where he worked as a Programme Director for stations in Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool and Leeds. Euan went on to win many awards along the way, including being named Radio Programmer of the Year at the Sony Awards in 2010. On his journey, he even managed to present the breakfast show in Glasgow for a while! 

 Everyday Euan’s challenge is a creative one, he explained “I thrive on ideas and turning them into the best possible content. I’m surrounded by people who are similarly driven so we can have great creative discussions all day long. There are no egos involved; the best ideas win rather than the loudest voice. We then have a team that can turn those ideas into a first-class reality. Every day I’m creating something new, whether that’s working on one of our live channels or developing something for the future. I’m a huge music fan too, so when a large part of my job is making sure we’re playing the right music for our clients then I’m in heaven!”

Euan continued to explain how varied and unique his role at AVC Immedia truly can be “We pride ourselves on making every piece of content we do bespoke for our clients which works for me, as I love the variety. One day I can be working with a corporate communications team to help get some fairly serious safety updates across to their workforce, the next I can be listening to the music that’s currently trending with German teenagers and deciding which of those will go on our playlists.” 

We asked Euan what top tips he would give to anyone else wanting to get into the audio industry, he said that “My two favourite tips I ever got worked for me so they’re worth passing on:

  1. Think about the audience ALL THE TIME – the only way to have effective content is to think about the audience – forget your own personal preferences, or what you think is cool or will win awards. Think about who the audience is and what they want. Then give it to them in the clearest way possible.
  2. Don’t copy anyone or anything. We all have influences, but carbon copies go nowhere. Work out what it is you like about the content that impresses you. Then work out how to do it your way, look at the most successful names and formats in any branch of entertainment – they’re unique, they don’t copy anyone or anything else.

Looking forwards to the exciting future of the audio industry and potential trends, Euan commented “I think people are getting tuned in to audio in a way they haven’t been in a long time. 90% of the UK listen to the radio each week despite all the other media choices they have. Podcast listening is on the up and people are again realising how multi-faceted and effective audio communication can be. Plus, with everything that’s happened over 2020 people are realising that a human voice in your ear can become a friend and offer a bit of companionship. There’s also the advance in the technology, every one of us has a content generation tool in our pockets in the form of a mobile phone and broadcast ability with 4G and Wi-Fi. We’re only just starting to see the real benefits of what that means. I can get a contributor on air from the other side of the world in crystal clear quality. I can turn around an important message at 11pm within an hour, only a couple of years ago that would have taken days.” 

 This new title change for Euan comes at an exciting time for the business of growth and change and we wish Euan every success, we’re sure that Euan will continue to prove his value to the team with bigger and better things for 2021! 


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AVC Immedia is pleased to announce seasoned Technical Animator, Rob Hancock, has re-joined the animation team in his new role as Senior 3D Animator. When asked about his position within the team, he explained: “It’s not just a job, it’s a passion, AVC Immedia offers a variety of clients and subject matter to keep any animator challenged, providing creative solutions is what I love to do.”

Rob originally joined AVC Media back in 2004 establishing animation as a service offering and expanding the department up to 4 permanent employees. Early content was more of the technical ‘How it works’ type nature, but it soon grew into motion graphics for video and eventually interactive presentations.

Entirely self-taught, and utilising skills developed as a traditional Illustrator/Airbrush Artist Rob has built a wealth of experience in the common 3D applications from their early versions to the present day. He says, “It was a natural progression for me, from the drawing board to the computer to create illustrations, and then as 3D software became readily available being able to make those images move!”

Rob’s vast knowledge of animation has evolved with the software over the years (over 30 alone working within the oil & gas industry). During that time Rob has mentored many animators, including our very own talented Margit Tomingas, whom he’s very much looking forward to working with again on her return from Maternity Leave.

We asked Rob for a pro tip for future budding animators, and he said: “No matter the software, the key to great visuals is understanding the physics of light, and how it interacts with the world around us”. Rob also advised, “You should never be afraid to experiment, continual learning and creative thinking are the key to delivering animations that exceed expectations”.

Rob re-joins the animation team at an exciting time for AVC Immedia, after investing across the business in the latest GPU rendering software and hardware enabling the animation team to get higher quality renders faster. During the current global COVID-19 pandemic, this is even more vital, with many companies in lockdown, filming opportunities are limited leading to a boom in animation. So, why not challenge Rob and the team to tell your story!?


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We are pleased to announce the creation of a new role within AVC Immedia, Richard Booth will now take up the position of Commercial Development Manager within our Aberdeen team.

The role will be focused on new commercial development of our Audio-Visual, Video and Animation services whilst also focusing on existing client relationships across our business. Richard will work alongside our existing Business Development team to generate new opportunities and ensure we continue to build on our client portfolio.

When asked about the new position, Keith Robertson, Operations Director at AVC Immedia said

“We have taken the opportunity over the last few weeks to analyse our commercial development activities and implement some new development strategies across the group. By aligning our business development activities, it will allow us to develop a more solid and structured commercial offering to new and existing clients. I look forward to working closely with Richard on some upcoming commercial projects and driving growth across the group.”

Man Interacting With Audio-Visual Communications


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According to the Social Sciences Research Network, 65% of us are visual learners, followed by a further 30% of us being verbal learners. The remaining 5% of the population are experiential learners. These figures mean that using audio-visual communications within your business marketing strategy can play a key part in engaging with your customers.

A recent study showed a staggering 85% of consumers are more likely to purchase after watching a product video. Health and beauty retailer, Superdrug, also reported up to a 24% increase in sales of products advertised on their in-store radio.

In this post, we focus on how harnessing the power of audio-visual communication could be the key to capturing the attention of both new and current customers, as well as keeping employees engaged. 

Using video to improve customer experience

Using video as a part of your marketing strategy helps to create an engaging customer experience. This is due to over half of the population being visual learners. In fact, the brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than any text. Video has also been proven to be the favourite type of content for consumers. These statistics show why creating a strong video presence for your brand can give you the edge in today’s competitive marketplace.

In modern-day marketing, having a presence on a variety of social platforms is a must for brands, to help create a successful omnichannel approach that targets their customers. A massive 50% of the world’s total population uses some form of social media, so it’s well worth investing in a good social strategy. The type of content used on these platforms is often the difference between success and failure to reach goals. Video content has been proven to be highly successful in dramatically improving customer engagement across social platforms. 

It’s been reported that visual content makes Facebook ads at least 75% more effective. Furthermore, Instagram has said that video generates more engagement on their site than any other type of content for its 500 million daily users. With this in mind, video is a valuable tool for marketers to consider investing in. 

Video can be used in a variety of ways, not just for great social media content. Another usage to apply video within and create an enhanced level of brand engagement is digital signage. AVC Immedia can offer your business a range of video-based services that help to engage customers and increase sales – click here to discover more. 

Man Interacting With Audio-Visual Communications

How to Enhance Brand Engagement with Digital Signage

Digital signage enables brands to display more engaging communications and enhances the customer experience. It’s now known that 70% of consumers who saw a product promotion on a digital display, subsequently made an unplanned purchase. There’s a variety of technology that can be used for digital signage, including LCD or LED panels and also speakers can be integrated to add audio, which creates a fully immersive experience for consumers. 

The usage of digital signage is also pretty varied, from creating an in-store video wall to the menu boards you’ll often see at your favourite large franchise takeaway restaurant. No matter the format it comes in, digital signage can capture 400% more views than traditional static displays, and now with the option for added audio, it’s become a great way to create audio-visual engagement for your brand. On the subject of audio, did you know that by playing music in your business, you can improve staff engagement levels?

The Benefits of Music at Work

A survey was carried out on how music increased the level of accuracy and performance of staff at the workplace, and 88% of people who worked in the music environment saw their performance boosted. In turn, this results in a better financial outcome for the business, as companies who had higher levels of engagement reported a 26% increase in annual revenue.

Emma, an employee of Nationwide Building Society, further proved the benefits of audio when commenting on their new in-store radio by stating “Working officially until noon today but decided as the tunes are so good on Nationwide Live I will stay logged on and will keep the Bluetooth speaker cranked up loud until 3pm” 

The benefits of audio also include a boost in sales, due to the improved customer experience. 34% of customers spend longer in stores with music, and therefore increase the amount purchased. This may be due to the positive association that customers have with music.

Overall, it’s clear to see that by brands using audio-visual communications, there’s a powerful impact on customer loyalty, staff and customer engagement as well as boosting financial revenue. AVC Immedia has an award-winning team of professionals that offer many audio-visual marketing services.

Discover more today. 

customer being visually stimulated by virtual reality content


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Between in-store and online processes, the opportunity to grab and retain the attention of the audience through visual stimulation is bursting with potential. Brands can attempt to stimulate their audience in several ways visually. For example, they can take advantage of digital or interactive content such as video, animation, or virtual reality.

Author and researcher David Hyerle, states that 90% of the information that goes to the brain is visual. With this in mind, it could be worth contemplating how much of an impact your brand’s visuals have on your target audience. It’s also worth considering whether you’re doing enough to win the battle for their attention and business over your competitors.

What is visual stimulation?

Visual stimulation is a reaction whereby the viewer is emotionally affected by the visual imagery in front of them. Most brands need to ensure that they sufficiently engage visitors to stores or websites. It is especially true if their customer experience is positive and memorable; it may increase the likelihood of customer retention.

According to expert marketer Neil Patel, 85% of a consumer audience is more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video or another form of visual. It also improves a consumer’s capacity to remember relevant products or imagery in the future. For instance, brain science specialists Brain Rules state that 10% of information retained is still memorable three days later. When visual is involved, the figure moves as high as 65%.

LED Wall Panel


Visual stimulation is ideal as consumers find visuals are quick and easy to digest, and depending on how these visuals are chosen and utilized. The visuals can deliver a message, tell a story, set a mood, or evoke an emotion in the people they’re designed for. Experts believe that images are processed as much as 60,000 times faster than text. In essence, a picture can tell a thousand words, so if brands apply the same approach, the result could be that customers will be affected instantly.

Understanding the link between providing compelling visuals and the scientific reaction in the minds of consumers is only likely to improve the impact on your audience. Research providers The Wiley Network claims that between 50% and 80% of the brain focuses on visually processing information such as the visual memory of shapes, patterns, colours, and movement.

It’s also essential that visual imagery is striking and impactful as the Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies claims that it only takes 150 milliseconds for the brain to process an image. Additionally, a study from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that it only takes another 100 milliseconds for the brain to connect any meaning to the picture.


Marketing experts Intelligence Node claim that the retention of customers to a specific brand through the use of in-store visuals boosts by 42 per cent. As such, the use of digital signage is a popular and useful element for adding more vibrance and character to a bricks and mortar environment.

In terms of retention, by effectively utilizing visual stimulation to customers, you’re showing a level of quality to your brand and advertising a style that could significantly increase customer retention. Digital content can keep customers in shops and on websites for a more extended time. To do this means making your brand’s style memorable, which puts you in competition with brands that have demonstrated the same level of investment in digital assets.



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"We have a talented and dedicated team here. These are exciting times."

"I’m excited about it. I’ve been here such a long time that I’m eager to get going. We’ve got such a good team here and we are fortunate to have some very talented individuals across the teams."

We are delighted to announce the appointment of Keith Robertson as Operations Director at AVC Immedia. Keith joined AVC back in 2010 and brings nearly two decades of audio and visual experience to the role.

“It has been a privilege to have played a major part in the company’s growth over my two decades here, and I look forward to helping it grow even further in the years to come”

We are also delighted to announce the return of Rob Hancock who takes up the role of senior 3D animator. Keith said:

“His return is great news, and I am sure he will work well with the animation team. His experience will be of huge benefit to colleagues and clients.”

AVC is growing, only last year AVC expanded into the USA with an office in Houston TX ran by Kacey White based in Houston as business development executive.

“Kacey is on the ground project managing one of our clients but also building on other clients.  A lot of oil & gas companies have an operation in Houston so it fits in well with our client portfolio.
We’ve been tying her in to other projects as well. It’s really good and positive.”

AVC Immedia has a talented and dedicated team who specialise in delivering high quality audio visual communication for brands.

Speak to us today to discover why brands such as IKEA, Subway, FIFA and Nationwide choose AVC Immedia.

The exciting news has been covered by Aberdeen Business News and The Press and Journal  Keith Robertson PressJournal Article 2020