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Every day teams in the creative industries deliver great work to clients, the result of many thousands of hours of experience and knowledge.

But be honest – how much do you really know about the experience and expertise of your teams?  Yes you know they’re good, but how do you know that?

There’s no proof like a satisfied client, and we have many of those.  But here at AVC Immedia we wanted to delve deeper and really understand the expertise and experience that lives in our business.  The idea (and this blog is its first expression to the outside world) is that we move away from a price-based business model to one based on selling our expertise and experience as consultants who engage deeply with clients to understand their issues before recommending and delivering solutions.

That’s why we did an audit to find out a) who are the experts in our business and b) what they are experts in.

The results are fascinating and have transformed the way we think about ourselves.

A good metric for our skills and proficiencies is industry awards.  In our team we a BAFTA winner, a double Sony Award winner (the Oscars of the radio industry), an award-winning cinematographer, TV and film technicians, award winners at the Houston and Milan film festivals and winners of Retail Week customer innovation awards, and I could go on.  Who knew?!  We do now.

We’re highly educated in our disciplines too.  There are degrees in photography, film and media, computer arts and animation, multimedia development, computing science, business management, customer service and more.

So what is it we do?

We’ve been thinking hard about what it is our business does.  Sure, we create and deliver audio, video production and animation for clients, and install and maintain the AV systems our clients need.   But lots of companies do that.  What makes us different?

It’s our unique expertise and experience that make us stand out.  AVC Immedia enables what we call the power of connection – when our content perfectly encapsulates the message, tone or information our client brands want us to deliver in such a way that we make a real connection with an audience.

We help our clients communicate and connect with their audiences, and we know how to do that because of the huge reservoir of knowledge, experience and skill that sits beneath the surface of our business.

Our current strap line – audio visual communication for brands – is fine as far as it goes but it’s too matter of fact.  To paraphrase Marty DiBergi in This is Spinal Tap (the greatest semi-improvised comedy about a fictional British rock band ever), we got more, much more.  The thread that runs through our business is we create, we communicate, and we connect.  We create content that communicates information to audiences in ways that make an emotional connection – how you feel when you think “they get us!”  (You’ll see a lot more of this phrase in the coming months as we change our website and social media accounts).

That’s what we do!

Back to expertise and experience

The way we make connections with audiences depends on the medium – the right shot, the right music, the animation that delivers its message in just the right way.

Many of our experts speak about the satisfaction they feel when the connection is made – that is when an animation is shown at an event or a video goes live online or they hear the music they’ve programmed in a store.

So the end of a piece of work isn’t when we press “save” but when it lands with the client’s audience – and the connection is made.

I’ll end with a few examples of expertise and experience from across our business.

On the animation side we are experts at taking complicated ideas and representing them in highly effective visual ways – not just in producing the animations, we’re experts in talking to the engineers who make incredibly complicated products,  and we’re experts in understanding what they are doing and then turning this understanding into clear 3D visuals.

In audio we know how to programme music and how to match music to brands.  This is not easy!  You put aside your own music taste and adopt the mindset of the brand and its customers.  We have years of skill and expertise and can create the sound of a brand as different as JD Sports is from Nationwide Building Society.

In video we are experts in drone filming, offshore filming and capturing sports in vivid and memorable detail.  We work globally, up to and including working a thousand miles from land in the Pacific Ocean.  That’s the kind of experience we have.

In our support services, the experience in the team is vast and wide as well as trained and qualified to handle large and complex international estates.

In every case we take what a client wants to communicate to a key audience, and we have the expertise and experience to deliver.  Every time, on time.


Written by Ross Penney – CEO at AVC Immedia.