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Hello, I’m Lauren Qurrey, Head of Business Support at AVC Immedia. My role is based from our Newbury office. I this short blog, I will walk you through a typical day in my life, along with an insight of my teams daily working lives too.

The Business Support department always have our customers at the heart of everything we do. Luckily for us, our days always look different, with new tasks and problem-solving scenarios to deal with. The team thrive on giving the best possible customer service, working hard, and building great relationship with our clients. The department is responsible for the support of our customers, through big project audio installations and maintenance contracts with existing clients such as JD, Subway and Nationwide. We provide bespoke streaming devices, providing music and messaging to enhance our clients’ brands and cultures.

My day typically starts with a lovely strong coffee and an organised to do list! Firstly, I check in with my department and ensure that they are ready for the day ahead. Our Business Support manager creates weekly objectives that help keep the Business Support Team focused.


I look at our client estates daily, guaranteeing we are proactive rather than reactive, flagging any potential issues that our clients might be facing. My department look after over 6,000 locations across the UK, Ireland, and Europe. I focus on new opportunities with clients and perspective clients, looking at what our business can provide to develop on current services.

I hold regular meetings with the team to discuss on-going work and if the team have any suggestions and or ideas with internal processes and on current projects.

A big part of my role is managing rollout projects for installing audio equipment in sectors such as restaurants, retail stores and banks. In these instances, I must think about the geographical placing, the number of locations that require equipment, organising pricing contracts with the clients and suppliers, holding daily meetings internally and externally with updates and manage the in house or contracted engineers on the brief and the requirements.

I also get involved with other projects within the company where I can use my expertise or experience from working with our clients.

At the end of each day, I look back through my to do list to see what has been achieved and look forward to the following day.

Myself and my department are passionate about providing excellent customer relationships, helping, and caring about all our customers and suppliers needs. I can honestly say that I am proud to lead my dedicated Business Services team and I look forwards to continuous growth in current and future client relationships with brands that chose to work with AVC Immedia.

Written by Lauren Qurrey, Head of Business Support.