8 Psychology Tips To Increase Sales

17 March 2020

If you work in the retail or service industry, you might not consider yourself an expert in psychology. However, whether you’re a seasoned retailer or new to the world of professional sales and services, you may actually be surprised by how much you know.

In practice, every sales-oriented business on the planet relies on human psychology to appeal to potential customers in one way or another – it’s just about recognising the tricks of the trade. It may sound complicated, but when it comes to increasing sales, practically every human being will react to specific mental triggers that drive their purchasing habits.

With this in mind, we thought we’d take a closer look at some of the most effective psychology tips that can help your business increase in-store sales.

Superdrug saw up to 24% increase in sales of products advertised on their
in-store radio.

The power of music…

One often underused method of increasing in-store sales relates to the sounds a customer hears when they are browsing the shelves. Music has the power to significantly impact human behaviour, with an increasing number of studies showing that background music with a lower tempo, for example, has the potential to increase sales.

Similarly, utilising different types of music at different times of day is also believed to improve sales. Customising in-store playlists for mornings, afternoons and evenings, for instance, will appeal to the different clientele likely to be in-store at a specific time, encouraging additional purchasing. Targeted audio advertising can also be utilised in a similar way.

Know your clientele…

Regardless of which psychology tip you think will be most effective in increasing sales for your business, it’s first important to know your audience. From labelling regular shoppers by social group to forging stronger ties with customers by promoting shared common values, knowing your clientele is a vital part of marketing.

So, whether it takes the form of cultivating an ‘Us vs. Them’ mentality to turn your brand into a must-have ‘cult’ or introducing gift-with-purchase promotions and free samples to encourage return custom, when it comes to implementing psychology strategies to increase sales, understanding your customer base is paramount.

While all of the psychology tips mentioned in the infographic below have been proven to work through academic studies, it’s important to remember that each customer and purchasing scenario is different.

Customers don’t appreciate feeling as though they are being manipulated and if you’re seen to use deceptive sales tactics, your business could suffer. This is why constant testing and experimentation with these sales techniques is so important. Discover which methods work most effectively for your business, find the best way to implement them, and then watch your sales soar!

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