Media Training
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A crisis can threaten any brand, so catching an organisation unprepared can have devastating effects to the way your company is publicly perceived. With over 15 years’ of Media Training experience, AVC Immedia provides delegates with the skills, knowledge and expertise needed to prepare your business in the event of a potential crisis.

Combining theory with practise, you will leave with a knowledge of how the media operates, the demands of journalists and how to respond in interviews. Our media team provide you with an understanding of the implications faced in various interviews helping you adapt to each interviews requirements. The course covers doorstep, radio, remote television studio interviews and press conferences, training you to be confident and competent in delivering a clear and effective message. AVC Immedia designs a robust framework for dealing with journalists from the moment the first call comes in.

In the past 30 years, we have made it our business to understand your business, partnering with production, supply, and service companies, big and small, around the world. We have extensive experience working with public organisations such as the police, education bodies, health services, and charities and have provided Media Training to organisations including Hess, Northern Offshore, NHS, Grampian Police, BP, Bluewater and Transocean.

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