the brief

Sandi Thom, an internationally acclaimed and award-winning singer/songwriter, triumphantly returned to Aberdeen to play in front of a sold out Tivoli Theatre. Sandi, originally from Banff, Aberdeenshire, wished to record her homecoming concert in order to release it as a live DVD.

our solution

To capture this one night only event, Sandi required an experienced and talented video production team who could handle all the stages of filming from planning and conception to editing the final cut. Our video & 3D department have created numerous films covering a wide range of subjects, from commercial adverts and internal training videos to high level sporting events and 3D animated projects. With years of hard work our team have built up an enviable reputation synonymous with high quality video production so for Sandi we were the right match for the job.

Having a group of capable film makers, we were able to encapsulate the excitement and rousing nature of Sandi’s performance in full flight. After filming the concert, we invited Sandi to the AVC edit suites where we collaborated in order to edit the footage and produce a final cut for the release of the DVD.

AVC Immedia are more than happy to play Sandi's new single 'Earthquake' and we wish her all the best:

I love coming back to my roots in the North East of Scotland. Spending time this week with family and friends and working with the guys at AVC Immedia has really stirred my soul. The work we are producing is really amazing and I can’t wait to get the finished DVD out there. It’s such an exciting project

Sandi Thom