the client
the brief

Pupils from Danestone Primary School won a competition run by Edinburgh Zoo, to design a game aimed at educating primary school pupils across Scotland about how a wild panda lives in China. The school got in contact with our team to see if we could make the game a reality.

our solution

LingQing’s Adventure is an interactive and educational game created with the help of the school children who developed the initial idea. We follow our hero, LingQing as he travels across his China meeting numerous friendly animals, defeating challenges and crossing varied terrains along the way.

Danestone Primary’s pupils helped us at many stages of building the game, providing conceptual elements to drawing the characters we meet and providing the vocals for the characters. Our graphic and digital design team happily worked along with the school making the production of the game part of the curriculum. The game is going to be used by schools as part of the Confucius Institute programme which aims to develop effective business, cultural and academic links between Scotland and China.

After lots of hard work, we were proud to launch LingQing’s Adventure on Endangered Species Day at Danestone Primary.

The game is available to play at LingQing's Adventure.

The work of Edinburgh Zoo, through the ‘Beyond the Panda’ outreach programme, makes a significant, and positive, contribution towards the Scottish Government’s China plan. Learning about China, its history, its language and its growing role in the modern world is important in helping Scotland to further strengthen links with China.

“I hope every pupil who visited from Danestone Primary enjoyed their visit and that they can find ways to put what they learned to use back in the classroom.

Dr Alasdair Allan
Minister for Learning, Science and Scotland’s Languages