Get your head into the Cloud

With low oil prices and continued uncertainty in the Energy Industry, oil & gas organisations are understandably seeking to reduce any unnecessary costs.

Traditional ways of working are being scrutinised and questions are being asked. How can we reduce costs but still maintain our communication and interaction with our clients, both internally and externally?

Recent hotel occupancy drops in the region and reduced passenger numbers out of the airports point to unnecessary travel being one area where companies are cutting back. Executives who would typically fly thousands of miles to meet face to face with a client may now find themselves with restricted travel budgets.

Fortunately, thanks in part to the emergence of services such as Skype or Facetime, we are at a point where video communication is more accessible and affordable than ever before. A decent video conference system can help you achieve face to face interaction and remote sharing of data. It is a great way to reduce travel costs, bring teams of people together from their remote locations, thus making better use of staff time without sacrificing the personal touch; which is so important in a meeting.

Although video conferencing has been available for quite some time, traditionally this has been an expensive and therefore restrictive solution for many organisations. Investment does not stop with the high hardware costs, a professional set-up can also incur high IT infrastructure and running costs. This ensures that the data being sent in and out of an organisation is secure and the connection is robust. Then, there is also the question of what system is right for your organisation.

Traditional endpoints offer a strong meeting room experience but this can be limited to one room, which can be restrictive for those in your organisation who can’t physically use that specific room. Personal solutions such as Skype for Business (SFB) are great for internal desk-to-desk communications but can be limiting as a room solution.

You then have to think about your intended targets, what do your clients have?

It is quite unlikely that everyone you want to video communicate with has the same system and interoperability can be a real issue. If you have chosen to invest in SFB but your client has a standards based traditional solution, it is unlikely that these two systems will talk to each other. Suddenly you find yourself investing in two solutions and those travel savings are not looking so large. There is a solution however that removes the expensive infrastructure costs associated with traditional solutions, is interoperable with all standards based systems as well as SFB and offers both a room and personal solution.

StarLeaf is cloud conferencing and calling that works for every room, every desktop and everybody. Founded in 2008, StarLeaf is a privately held company with offices throughout the world. They are a service provider and manufacturer with both video conferencing services and a comprehensive range of video endpoints for meeting rooms, desktops and mobility.

The StarLeaf Cloud has been built from the ground up and does not use or rely upon any third-party products. This keeps StarLeaf in control and ensures that they deliver their customers real-time reliability for their voice and video communications. They operate a strong global network, with multiple points of presence that are strategically located worldwide. The network is fully reliant, secure and high performing.

StarLeaf provides:

  • The ability to call anyone, anywhere, irrespective of the type of their device, whether it is Microsoft Skype for Business/Lync, Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize or any other standards-based endpoint
  • Exceptional quality of service and call quality
  • Security to ensure the privacy of all calls
  • Reliable firewall traversal without the need to open up ports through the firewall
  • Simple remote provisioning, monitoring and reporting
  • A simple web portal for user and endpoint management
  • The ability to register and manage not only StarLeaf endpoints, but also any standards-based endpoints already owned
  • Free Breeze software for all members of an organisation, upon purchase of one room system, for use on personal devices
  • Trade in offers against existing video conference equipment
  • Conference Licence options to allow for multi delegate meetings for all users, not restricted to the room system

So if you are looking to reduce your travel costs, maintain your communication and want a; robust, interoperable, cost-effective and flexible solution then...get your head into the cloud! For a demonstration and discussion, give us a call on 01224 392828 or email

Steven Hastie

AV & Digital Development Manager