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Introducing the latest in camera technology, AVC 360° produces a fully panoramic video to document, explore and experience any environment. The spherical video can detect all surroundings, with no blinds spots, allowing you to view any setting at any angle.

In a nutshell, 360° panoramic video involves using multiple cameras to film 360 degrees of a location from a central point. The beauty of AVC 360° is that the possibilities are endless and it can be utilised across multiple industries. Already, AVC Immedia has produced 360° videos for the football, oil and gas and tourism industries. Due to the flexibility of AVC 360°, the product can be used in any situation or environment - even underwater!

360° video allows you to bring an experience to life and has the potential to provide users with an informative experience guided through by a representative or narration. Videos produced by AVC 360° can be viewed and controlled at just the click of a mouse, a keyboard or a touch screen to turn and rotate the camera, enabling viewers to be fully immersed in a unique interactive experience.

To find out more about how AVC 360° can benefit your business, please contact Keith Robertson on 01224 392828 or email krobertson@avcmedia.com